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"Transactional Website"


As a result of rising competition, airline bookings abandonment and rapid changes in the travel industry, Delta was seeking cosmetic and functional improvements to enhanced the user experience on their website. The improvements would allow customers to compose their travel itineraries (purchasing airline tickets, reserving a rental car or booking their accommodations) without confusion or technicals malfunctions. The initiative would also provide additional lifestyle information on many top destinations.

The task required working with a third party merchant who handled the provision of the flight amenities content (hotels, cars special services reservations). It was paramount that we communicate diligently to the different project leads from Delta to connect the dots and meet the tight deadlines.


Segmenting the very large project among the UX team by the unique business process was decided. We assigned the role of puppet master to one (1) team member who assembled the modules into one master document, and quality checked the designs for homogeneity. The subdivisions were: -

  • Global features (header, footer, navigation, general info)
  • Homepage
  • Forms (booking a flight, checking a flight, check-in, login, etc.)
  • Search results
  • Itinerary & checkout flow
  • Confirmation templates including emails
  • User account & SkyMiles


We presented a highly transactional and scalable solution. The biggest aesthetic changes were visual on the home and searched results pages. We provided a much smarter mechanical structure that allowed for a more natural flow, and intuitive booking experience.

The individual processes of the entire user experience journey (searching, filtering, purchase flow path, booking confirmations account management, email confirmations/alerts) no longer felt heterogeneous but more uniform.


The sexier magazine like homepage covers and product offerings were a huge success with the client and customers. Although some of the recommended ideas weren't feasible due to budget, time and resource constraints, the overall website redesign was an amazing success showcasing a new interface and much need technical improvements.