Samuel Fitzgerald

Inks, Pigments & Pressroom Products

" Website "


The Sun Chemical’s website at the time of the assignment was nothing more than a glorified brochure with no business, digital or marketing strategy that wasn’t meeting the requirements of the company or the users. Our goal was to prepare a proposal for a website redesign following the proper web development process.

With 33 locations throughout North America, Europe, and Latin America, we needed to take into account a redesign that facilitated and represented Sun Chemical vast product catalog throughout all its offices.


The objective was to showcase the different markets, products and events that composed Sun Chemical products line. As a company in the business of bright, colorful products, we stress the importance of having a homepage that was highly visually vibrant.

The architecture would allow for a personalize experience using technically enhanced features and functionality. Users needed the ability to search and find products easily.


On the homepage, we designed a dynamic product selection and geo-targeting menu to displayed products based on the chosen territory. We agreed that a real-time ordering system was too ambitious for the launch and would require additional usability research to determine if it would be a needed or profitable endeavor.

Users could immediately and easily contact a Sun Chemical representative for more information about products. A location availability key would accompany each product, and users could readily change their location and content on demand.

Within the media room, a user could assess different types of assets offered by Sun Chemical (white papers, PDF downloads, photos, videos, etc.)


The deployment of the redesign was a success and great improvement. The Sun Chemical team got many thank you notes and positive feedback from customers. The improve website help to streamline the administrative and product inquiry processes.