Samuel Fitzgerald


I've been practicing digital architecture since 2005!



The dialogue of a Digital Architect

Digital Architecture redefines the solution design process and shifts the focus from the problem to overall user experience.


Some PastProjects I assist corporate brands in the architecture of bests in class solutions to complex problems. When combined with the crème of industry best practices, my concrete understanding of the digital workplace delivers products for all platforms and screen sizes that increase employee productivity, elevates brands, and creates multi-channel revenue opportunities. At every stage of the process, 'Research, Analyze, Design, Build, and Deployment', I am heavily involved.


iPad App

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NBC Universal Screening Room

Internal Product

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Booz Allen Hamilton


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U.S. Army Reserve

Branding Microsite

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PayPal Mini Browser

API Widget

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NBC Universal (IDX)

Data Exchange Framework

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Some brands with whom I have worked!

Over the years, I have made a conscious effort to work with different corporations. This approach not only allowed for a more cohesive career portfolio, but I got the opportunity to pinpoint issues that are truly unique to a business model, and those issues that share common patterns across all business types.

My Experience & History

My dance with digital technologies

Samuel Fitzgerald

Digital Architect / Tech Entrepreneur / Student

A dynamic, multi-faceted Digital/User Experience Principal with knowledge across the disciplines required to be a competent UX professional. Strong management and leadership skills have supported my efforts in the development of highly innovative business applications.

  • Exceptional analytical skills with the ability to solve complex problems and effectively assess user needs.
  • Excellent deployment of team building and collaborative skills to achieve key business objectives
  • Flexible contributor, adept at staying on-task and on-time with deliverables despite shifting priorities, interruptions, and tight deadlines.
  • Create visual information and user interface architecture designs using flow charts, navigation schemes, and wireframes.
  • Assist in the formulation of digital strategies through the writing of user personas, heuristic evaluations, user stories, competitive landscape comparisons, and content matrices.
  • Team leadership and management.