Samuel Fitzgerald

Asthma Information and Resources

" Website "


GlaxoSmithKline was seeking a redesign of the website to better address the needs of asthma patients. The solution should offer a richer user experience that would encourage user engagement, promote clinical methods of managing asthma, and provide education content on day to day living with asthma. It was crucial to know and adhere to the strict legal guidelines of the pharmaceutical industry.


A comprehensive digital discovery process paved the way for recommendations that would take the user experience to the next level. We suggested using images and copy that were more human and friendly, highlighting that life can be still fun and normal with Asthma. The provision of a toolbox with many self-testing tools would have added the missing value and encourage user engagement.


The unnecessary copy was removed or replace with more inviting imagery and icons. The redesign clearly highlighted the needs of the different user types and included the ability to easy share with friends and family. An improved taxonomy and search feature allowed users to locate the information they were seeking. Using a modular layout, we allowed improved the scannability of the content and provided a means by which the content creators could quickly update and manage the website.


The project was a huge success, and the client reported an 80% increase in traffic within the first three months of launching.