Samuel Fitzgerald

Integrated Mini Browser Checkout

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The new ‘PayPal/PayPal Express Integrated Mini Browser Checkout’ will be integral for growing sales and revenue for online stores. The update was necessary to provide customers with an enhanced checkout flow using a mini-browser overlay on a merchant’s web store to complete checkout using PayPal. The new Mini Browser integration will enable the online shopper to log into their PayPal account and complete checkout without leaving the client’s shopping environment.


Prepare an estimate to communicate the number of hours it would take the UX team to complete the assignment of creating an interactive prototype to showcase the new PayPal checkout flow. The prototype would be part of a larger presentation to allow selected merchants and shoppers to provide some initial feedback on the interactions and business logic.

UX would also provide a detailed functional specification document to support PayPal's "design/development" teams.


The creation of an HTML prototype to demonstrate the improved user flow. The UX/IAD logic displayed the PayPal mini browser overlaid on default shopping template promoting a seamless user experience and better integration of PayPal API.

The prototype demonstrates two flows:

  1. Standard flow - user clicks the "Checkout" button on the "view cart" page and later chooses to use 'PayPal' as the payment method in the "payment methods" step.
  2. Express flow - user clicks the "check out with PayPal" button on the "view cart" page. The PayPal checkout API will immediately initiate to complete the payment step of the checkout process.

Cart View
PayPal Mini Browser
System Alert
Account Review
Review and Submit Order
Checkout - Choose Payment Method
Order Confirmed!


Running a beta period was part of the strategy to allow for testing and feedback. The group of selected merchants and shoppers were extremely excited to deploy and test the improved flow in production.